Summary of Website Contents

The Hon’ble NGT in its order dated 26th July 2018 after recapitulating the various orders of the Tribunal relating to the abatement of pollution and rejuvenation of the River Yamuna inter alia directed the Monitoring Committee (MC) to set up a website for receiving and giving information on these subjects. The Committee was also directed to involve educational institutions for raising expectations, awareness and feedback about the results of efforts made and while that is being pursued the website provides an avenue for information exchange. In the website, on clicking each button, drop down lists will appear subject-wise providing information as well as photographs that capture the status of the River as related to the needs, aspirations but also contribution to pollution by different segments of society.

The key subjects covered by the website include the following:  

  • NGT Judgement & Orders
  • Stakeholders & Agencies
  • PPT on Yamuna
  • Monitoring Committee Action Plan & Reports
  • Yamuna Today
  • Flood Plain Rejuvenation & Environmental Flow
  • Wetlands
  •  Relevant Laws
  •  Reports of Experts
  •  Suggestions to the Monitoring Committee
  •  Training Material for Schools
  •  Overview
  •  About Us
  •  Contact Us
  •  Meetings of MC
  •  Key Communications
  •  Sitemap
  1. All important NGT Orders and Judgments can be accessed date-wise starting with the latest order whereby the MC came into existence which explains the key areas that have to be monitored.
  1. The most important part of the website from the point of view of exchanging information is the Suggestions to the Monitoring Committee which provides an opportunity to both institutions as well as individuals to give their suggestions and/ or location-specific feedback to the MC. The template allows for a fixed word limit and size of photographs. Where found suitable some photographs will be displayed on the website subject to screening. Acknowledgements will be sent where action has been initiated by the MC on suggestions given.
  1. The Power Point Presentation (PPT) consists of 55 slides and gives an overview of the role and responsibilities of different Government Departments/Agencies as well as citizens of Delhi and adjoining states in helping to keep the river clean and environmentally safe. The PPT will be of special interest to school children and those interested in the Yamuna’s environs. An attempt has been made to keep the language simple and to support what is being said with up-to-date material and photographs which have been provided pro-bono by various experts, NGOs and Government agencies.
  1. Yamuna Today is a technical note which synthesizes data provided by CPCB, DJB, MoWR, RD&GR and others. Specific Expert Committee Reports which form a part of NGT’s orders as well as reports commissioned by the MC have been hyperlinked on the website.
  1. The note on Flood Plain Rejuvenation and Environmental Flow provides the backdrop on matters which are most important to maintaining the health of the River. Biodiversity efforts for restoration of the floodplains undertaken so far by the DDA and future plans have been hyperlinked together with references to areas most at risk as highlighted by experts.
  1. The note on Wetlands will be of great interest to nature lovers, birders and all those who would like to see the Yamuna restored to become a haven for river flora, fauna, migratory birds and nesting. The pictures are specifically from Delhi, NCR and have been vetted for authenticity by experts from the Bombay Natural History Society.
  1. There is a button each for Twitter and Facebook which is live.

The website is an in-house creation and every effort has been made to reach out to different segments of society. There is also a disclaimer that the material is under copyright.