Suggestions to the Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee has been directed by the National Green Tribunal to setup a website for receiving and giving information on matters connected with the River Yamuna and containment of pollution therein. Academics, experts, NGOs and individuals familiar with measures to reduce pollution in the river or who can give useful suggestions on local initiatives that deserve to be encouraged may use this forum to write to the Monitoring Committee. Photographs are welcome but these would be vetted for authenticity before being used.

See Instructions below:

Form for Institutions and Organisations:

Form for Individuals:

Input this code: captcha


Photographs can include:-

  • Images of birds and Wetlands connected with the Yamuna in Delhi and NCR (Location, date and certificate that it is an original image taken by the sender is essential)
  • Specific photographs of pollution e.g. Solid waste, Garbage, Sewage in drains and Chemicals in the river (Exact location and date of photographs and certificate that it is an original image taken by the sender are essential)

Note:  The certificate should state

The attached photograph(s) are originals and have no copyright issues, Place, date etc. No photo will be uploaded without screening.



  • When matters are reported to the Monitoring Committee a certificate has to be given that the matter does not pertain to any matter before NGT or any Court.
  • The Monitoring Committee is not a funding Agency or a forum to settle individual disputes.


The e-mail may be sent to the Committee at with the Subject: Suggestion.

Emails and letters to the committee must use the above format.  Direct mails will not be acknowledged.

All communications will be acknowledged automatically. 

Names of academics, experts, NGOs who give their affiliation and advise the Committee will be acknowledged on the Monitoring Committee’s Website (unless specifically declined by the applicant).

The names of individuals that provide information on polluters or assist the Committee will not be put on the website to protect identity. No action taken report will be provided. However, an acknowledgment will be sent.